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English-Greek Johannine list of words

Special study of Greek words

The occurrence of words in the johannine books

The references under respective word in the commentary aim at being complete as to John, 1-3 John and Rev, almost complete as to the Apocrypha and the Synoptics. As to the rest of the OT and the NT, the references often must be seen as examples of the occurrence of respective word. Some words have no special study, usually because we often find these words in the Bible.

That a Greek word only would correspond to one English word is of course a simplification but can perhaps be justified by a wish to be able to separate the different Greek words from each other. The chosen English words are not of necessity the best ones, because it is often very difficult, and in a way impossible, to choose one word or expression among several possible alternatives. But I mean that the importance of being able to separate words and letters in the books of John is so great, that this should take precedence over the importance of finding the best English word in every special context.

Words in English - Bible passage in the commentary

Abaddon (Hebrew: Abaddôn) Rev 9:11

Aenon (Ainôn) John 3:22-24

abhor: See abominate 

ability (dynamis) Rev 1:16b

able to, be (dynamai) No special study.

abode (monê) John 14:1-3See also dwelling

abominate (bdelyssomai)  Rev 21:8

abomination (bdelygma) Rev 17:4b

about (prep w dat: peri) No special study. See also account of, on; around

about to, be (mellô) John 4:46-48

above (epanô) John 3:31-32 See also over and above

above, from (anôthen) John 3:3

Abraham (Abraam) John 8:33-34

abuse: See insult 

abyss (abyssos) Rev 9:1

according to (prep w acc: kata) No special study. Cf. the special expression “according to the circum- stances” (an)

account of, on (prep w gen: peri) No special study. See also around

accursed (eparatos) John 7:47-49

accursed thing (katathema) Rev 22:3a

accusation (katêgoria) John 18:29b

accuse (katêgoreô) John 5:45-47

accuser (katêgoros) Rev 12:10

adopt, not (atheteô) John 12:47-48

adorn (kosmeô) Rev 21:2

adornment (kosmos) John 1:9

(adultery-moicheia)  John 8:3-6a)

adultery, commit (moicheuô) Rev 2:22-23a

advantageous (ofelon) Rev 3:15b-17a

adversary (satanas) John 13:26-27

afar, from (makrothen) Rev 18:10a

afraid, be: See fear 

after (prep w acc: meta) No special study.

afterwards (hysteron) John 13:36-37a

again (palin) John 1:21a

against (prep w acc: epi)  No special study.

age (aiôn) John 4:13-15 See also stature

agelong (aiônios) John 3:14-15

air (aêr) Rev 9:2

alien (allotrios) John 10:5

alive, make (zôopoieô) John 5:19-21

all: See every 

all around: See circle from, in a 

all the same: See same, all the 

all of them, it etc (hapas) John 4:25-16

allow: See permitted, it is; permission, give 

all-powerful (pantokratôr) Rev 1:8b

almighty: See all-powerful 

aloes (aloê) John 19:39

alone (monos) John 5:15-18

alpha (alfa) Rev 1:8a

already (êdê) John 3:16-18

altar, sacrificial (thysiastêrion) Rev 6:9

always (pantote) John 6:34-36

amen (amên) John 1:51a

amethyst (amethystos) Rev 21:19-20

amomum (amômon) Rev 18:13a

among (prep w dat: meta) No special study.

ancient: See beginning, of 

and (kai) No special study.

and I (kagô) John 1:30-31

and (if) according to the circumstances (kan) John 8:13-14

and me (kame): See and I. 

and there (kakei) John 11:53-54

and to me (kamoi): See and I 

and yet at any rate (kaitoige) John 4:1-4

Andrew (Andreas) No special study.

angel: See messenger 

angle: See corner 

angry: See bilious, be; wrathful, be 

animal, domestic (ktênos) Rev 18:13b

animal, little wild (thêrion) Rev 6:8

Annas (Hannas) John 18:12-14

anoint: See ointment; smear 

anoint in (engchriô) Rev 3:18bb

anoint on (epichriô) John 9:6-7

Anointed: See Christ John 1:17

another (allos) John 4:37-38 See also other, the

another place, from (allachothen) John 10:1

another, one (allêlôn) John 4:33

answer (noun: apokrisis) John 1:22-25

answer (verb: apokrinomai) No special study.

antichrist (antichristos) 1 John 2:18

Antipas (Antipas) Rev 2:13bb

any (tìs) No special study.

appearance: See form 

apprehension, place by the side of (paradeisos) Rev 2:7b

apostle (apostolos) John 13:16-17

aquaintance: See known 

Arimathea (Arimathaia) John 19:38

ark: See chest 

arm (brachiôn) John 12:37-38

Armageddon (H)armagedôn) Rev 16:16

arms: See weapon 

army (strateuma) Rev 9:16

around (prep w acc: peri) No special study. See also about; account of, on

around, all: See circle from, in a 

arouse (diegeirô) John 6:16-21

arrived, have (hêkô) John 2:3-5

artist (technitês) Rev 18:22

as (hôs) No special study.

as, entirely (kathôs) John 1:22-25

as, just (hôsper) John 5:19-21

as, such (hoios) Rev 16:18a

as if (hôsei) Rev 16:13

ascend (anabainô) John 1:51b

Asher (Asêr) Rev 7:4-8

Asia (Asia) Rev 1:4a

ask (erôtâo) John 1:21a See also demand; inquire; question

asleep, fall (koimaomai) John 11:11-13

ass (onos) John 12:14-15

ass, little (onarion) John 12:14-15

assembly: See called out, (assembly) of 

assembly, popular (demos) John 3:1-2

astonish: See marvel 

astray, lead (planaô) John 7:10-12

at (prep w dat: pros) No special study.

at any rate: See and yet at any rate 

attach oneself to (kollaomai) Rev 18:5

attend (therapeuô) John 5:9b-13

attendance (therapeia) Rev 22:2b

authority, judicial (exousia) John 1:12-13

avenge: See justice, procure 

awake, be (grêgoreô) Rev 3:2

axe, behead with an: See behead 

Babylon (Babylôn) Rev 14:8

bad (kakos) John 18:22-24

badly (kakôs) John 18:22-24

Balaam (Balaam) Rev 2:14-15

balance: See yoke 

bandage (keiria) John 11:43-44

baptize (baptizô) John 1:22-25

Barabbas (Barabbas) John 18:39-40

barley (krithê) Rev 6:6ba

barley, of (krithinos) John 6:8-13

base (themelios, -on) Rev 21:14 See also foundation

basket, large (kofinos) John 6:8-13

bathe (louô) John 13:9-10a

be (eimi) No special study.

be by the side of (pareimi) John 7:6-9

beach (aigialos) John 21:4-7a

bear (noun: arkos) Rev 13:2

bear (verb: bastazô) John 10:31-33 See also beget

beast: See animal, little wild 

beautiful: See fine 

because/that (hina) No special study.

because of (prep w acc: dia) No special study.

become (ginomai) John 1:3

become from/by/to the side of (paraginomai) John 3:22-24

because (hoti) No special study.

bed (klinê) Rev 2:22-23a See also mattress

before (prep w gen: pro) No special study. 

before (sense of time: prin) John 4:49-50 See also: eyes of, in ...

beg (prosaiteô) John 9:8-9

beget/bear (gennaô) John 1:12-13 See also bring forth; pains of child-birth, be in

beggar (prosaitês) John 9:8-9

beggarly (ptôchos) John 12:4-5

beggary (ptôcheia) Rev 2:9a

begin (archô) John 13:4b-5

beginner: See leader 

beginning (archê) John 1:1-2

beginning, of (archaios) Rev 12:9

behead with an axe (pelekizô) Rev 20:4b

behind (opisô) John 1:14b-15

behind, from (opisthen) Rev 4:6b

behold (horaô/eidon/ide/idou) John 1:18

beholding (horasis) Rev 4:3

believe (pisteuô) John 1:6-8 See also think

belly (koilia) John 3:4-5 See also womb

beloved: See welcomed 

below (hypokatô) John 1:49-50

(bend-kyptô  John 8:6b-8) See also lean

bend by the side of (parakyptô) John 20:5a,7-10

(bend down-katakyptô John 8:6b-8)

(bend up-anakyptô John 8.6b-8)

benefit (dôrea) John 4:9-10a See also gift

benefit, as a (dôrean) John 15:24-25

Benjamin (Beniamin) Rev 7:4-8

beryl (bêryllos) Rev 21:19-20

besprinkle around (perirainô) Rev 19:13

Bethany (Bêthania) John 1:28

Bethlehem (Bêthleem) John 7:40-42

Bethsaida (Bêthsaida) John 1:44

Bethzatha (Bêthzatha) John 5:1-3(4)

betray: See ‘give to the side of’ 

between (metaxy) John 4:31-34

bilious, be (cholaô) John 7:22-23

bind (deô) John 11:43-44

bind around (perideô) John 11:43-44

bird (orneon) Rev 18:2

birth (genetê) John 9:1-2

bit of bridle (chalinos) Rev 14:20

bite (masaomai) Rev 16:10b

bitter, make (pikrainô) Rev 8:11

black (melas) Rev 6:5b

blameless: See unblemished 

blaspheme (blasfêmeô) John 10:34-36

blasphemy (blasfêmia) John 10:31-33

blend (kerannymi) Rev 14:9-10a See also mix

bless (eulogeô) John 12:12-13

blessing (eulogia) Rev 5:12bb

blind (adjective: tyflos) John 5:1-3(4)

blind (verb: tyfloô) John 12:39-41

blood (haima) John 1:12-13

bloom (akmazô) Rev 14:18b-19

blow (plêgê) noun Rev 9:18 See also slap with a cudgel

blow (pneô) verb John 3:8 See also puff on

boat (ploion) John 6:16-21

boat, little (ploiarion) John 6:22-24

body (sôma) John 2:19-22

boiling (zestos) Rev 3:15b-17a

bold: See confident, be 

bone (ostoun/osteon) John 19:33-37

book (biblos) Rev 3:5b See also scroll, (little)

bosom (kolpos) John 1:18

both (te) John 2:13-15a

bother (verb: kopiaô) John 4:6b-7

bother (noun: kopos) John 4:37-38

bow (toxon) Rev 6:2ba

bowl (fialê) Rev 5:8b

boy or girl (pais) John 4:51-53 See also child

boy or girl, little (paidion) John 4:49-50 See also child, little

boy or girl, very little (paidarion) John 6:8-13

branch: See twig 

bread (artos) John 6:5-7

bread-stuff (sitos) John 12:24

breadth (platos) Rev 20:9a

break: Se crush 

break down (katagnymi) John 19:31-32

breakfast (verb: aristaô) John 21:12-14

breast (stêthos) John 13:23-25 See also nipple

breastplate (thôrax) Rev 9:9a

bride (nymfê) John 3:27-30

bridegroom (nymfios) John 2:6-10

bridle: See bit of bridle 

brimstone: See sulphur Rev 9:17

bring: See lead 

bring forth (tiktô) John 16:21-22 See also beget; pains of child-birth, be in

brother (adelfos) No special study.

bronze: See copper 

build (oikodomeô) John 2:19-22

building material (endômêsis) Rev 21:18

bull, young (moschos) Rev 4:7

burden: See weight 

burdensome: See weighty 

burn/have burning (kaiô) John 5:33-35

burn down (katakaiô) Rev 8:7b

burning: See scorching 

but (de) No special study. Se also however

but not (mêde) John 4:13-15

buy (agorazô) John 4:8

by (prep w gen: (h)ypo) No special study.

by means of  Secondary meaning of “en” (i)

by no means (ouchi) John 7:40-42

by the side of, being (parousia) 1 John 2:28

Caesar (Kaisar) John 19:12-14a

Caiaphas (Kaiafas) John 11:49-50

Cain (Kain) 1 John 3:12

calculate: vote, put to the 

calf: See bull, young 

call (kaleô) John 1:42

called (klêtos) Rev 17:14b

called to the side of (someone), one being (paraklêtos) John 14:15-17

called out, (assembly) of (ekklêsia) Rev 1:4a

camp, (walled)(parembolê) Rev 20:9a

Cana (Kana) John 2:1-2

Capharnaum (Kapharnaoum) John 2:11-12

captivity (aichmalôsia) Rev 13:10a

cargo: See load 

care for (melei) John 10:12-13

carnelian (sardion) Rev 4:3

carriage (redê) Rev 18:13b See also wagon

carry (ferô) John 2:6-10

carry away (apoferô) Rev 17:3a

carry into (eisferô) John 18:15-16

carry to (prosferô) John 16:1-2

carry together (symferô) John 11:49-50

case for money: See container  

cattle (bous) John 2:13-15a See also livestock

(caught in the very act -autofôros John 8:3-6a)

cause (aitia) John 18:37-38

cave (spêlaion) John 11:38b-39

cease, cause to (pauô) Rev 3:15b-17a

cedar-tree (kedros) John 18:1

censer, olibanum (libanôtos) Rev 8:3a

Cephas (Kêfas) John 1:42

certain, a (tìs) No special study.

certainly (ontôs) John 8:35-36

chalcedony (chalkêdôn) Rev 21:19-20

change one´s mind (metanoeô) Rev 2:5

charcoal heap (anthrakia) John 18:17-18

chastisement (kolasis) 1 John 4:18

cheer/be cheerful (eufrainô, -omai) Rev 11:10a See also encourage

chest (kibôtos) Rev 11:19a

chew (trôgô) John 6:51b-59

chief priest: See priest leader 

child (teknon) John 1:12-13

child: See also boy or girl, (very) little 

child, little (teknion) John 13:33

choose (eklegô) John 6:70

chosen (eklektos) John 1:34

Christ-Anointed (Christos) John 1:17

chrysolite (chrysolithos) Rev 21:19-20

chrysoprase (chrysoprasos) Rev 21:19-20

cinnamon (kinnamômon) Rev 18:13a

circle (kyklos) Rev 4:6b

circle from, in a (kyklothen) Rev 4:3

circlet: See diadem 

circumcise (peritemnô) John 7:22-23

circumcision (peritomê) John 7:22-23

circumstances, according to the (an) John 1:32-33 See also if according …; and (if) according ...

citron tree, of (thyïnos) Rev 18:12b

city (polis) No special study.

clay (pêlos) John 9:6-7 See also potter, of a

clean (adj.: katharos) John 13:9-10a See also pure

clean (verb: kathairô) John 15:2-3 See also clean, make; purify

clean, make (katharizô) 1 John 1:7 See also clean; purify

cleanse (plynô) Rev 7:14b

Clopas (Klôpas) John 19:25-27

cloth: See face-cloth 

clothe in: See set in 

clothing (himatismos) John 19:23-24 See also garment; garment, outer.

cloud (nefelê) Rev 1:7a

cock: See rooster 

cohort (speira) John 18:2-3

coin, small (kerma) John 2:15b-17

cold (noun: psychos) John 18:17-18

cold (adj: psychros) Rev 3:15b-17a

combat (machomai) John 6:51b-59

come (erchomai) No special study. See also go

come away: Se go away 

come by the side of (parerchomai) Rev 11:14

come upon-on-against (eperchomai) John 6:22-24

come, have: See also arrived, have 

come here: See here, come 

come in(to) (eiserchomai) John 3:4-5

come into together (syneiserchomai) John 6:22-24

come out/ out of (exerchomai) John 1:43-44

come over: See come against 

come through (dierchomai) John 4:1-4

come to (proserchomai) John 12:20-22

come together (synerchomai)  John 11:33-38a See also lead together

come up (anerchomai) John 6:1-4

coming: See by the side of, being 

command: See enjoin 

command out, be in (exêgeomai) John 1:18

commandment (entolê) John 10:17-18

common (koinos) Rev 21:27

common together with, have a thing (syngkoinôneô)Rev 18:4 

communion (koinônia) 1 John 1:3

companion together with (syngkoinônos) Rev 1:9aa

company with, in (prep w gen: meta) No special study. See also with, together

complement (plêrôma) John 1:16

complete (plêroô) John 3:27-30

comprehend: See understand 

concealed: See hidden 

concerning  Secondary meaning of “kata” (according to)

condemn: See judge down  

confess (homologeô) John 1:20

confident, be (tharseô) John 16:33

conflagration (pyrôsis) Rev 18:18

congregation: See assembly 

conquer (nikaô) John 16:33

conquest (nikê/nikos) John 3:1-2

conspicuous, make (emfanizô) John 14:19-21 See also visible, make

consume (bibrôskô) John 6:8-13 See also eat down

consummation, bring to a (synteleô)  John 2:3-5

consumption (brôsis) John 4:31-34 See also food; nourishment

container (glôssokomon) John 12:6

convict (elengchô) John 3:19-21

convince: See convict; persuade 

copper (chalkos) Rev 18:12b

copper ‘from Lebanon’/ ’similar olibanum’ (chalkolibanon) Rev 1:15a

copper, of (chalkous) Rev 9:20

corner (gônia) Rev 7:1

corners: See also quadrangular 

corn-measure (choinix) Rev 6:6ba

corpse: See fall 

couch: See bed; mattress 

council (synedrion) John 11:47-48

counsel, give (symboleuô) John 18:12-14

counsel, take (bouleuomai) John 11:53-54

counsel together (with), take (symboleuomai) John 18:12-14

count (logizomai) John 11:49-50 See also number

courage, take (tolmaô) John 21:12-14

court (aulê) John 10:1

covenant (diathêkê) Rev 11:19a

cow: See cattle 

cowardly (deilos) Rev 21:8

cowardly, be (deiliaô) John 14:27

create (ktizô) Rev 4:11bb

creature (ktisma) Rev 5:13a

cross (stauros) John 19:16b-17

crowd (ochlos) John 5:9b-13 See also multitude

crown (stefanos) John 19:1-4

crucify (stauroô) John 19:6

crucify together with (systauroô) John 19:31-32

crush (syntribô) John 19:33-37

cry (boaô) John 1:22-25 See also scream; shout

crystal (hyalos) Rev 21:18

crystal, be transparent as rock (krystallizô) Rev 21:11b

crystal, of (hyalinos) Rev 4:6a

crystal, rock (krystallos) Rev 4:6a

cubit (pêchys) John 21:8-9

cudgel: See slap with a cudgel 

cup (potêrion) John 18:10-11

custom (ethos) John 19:40

custom: See also usage 

cut (koptô) Rev 1:7b

cut off (apokoptô) John 18:10-11

cut towards (proskoptô) John 11:9-10

dagger (machaira) John 18:10-11 See also sword, large

dare: Se courage, take 

darken (skotoô) Rev 16:10a See also gloom

darkness (skotos) John 3:19-21 See also gloom

date/date-twig (foinix) John 12:12-13

daughter (thygatêr) John 12:14-15

David (David) John 7:40-42

day (hêmera) No special study.

day, on following (epaurion) John 1:29

daybreak: See morning, early 

dead (body) (nekros) John 2:19-22

death (thanatos) John 5:22-24

decease (thnêskô) John 11:43-44

decrease: See lessen 

deceit (dolos) John 1:47

dedication, feast of the See: renewed things, feast ... 

deep (bathys) John 4:10b-12

defile: Se stain 

delay: See reside 

demand (noun: aitêma) 1 John 5:15

demand (verb: aiteô) John 4:9-10a

demon, little (daimonion) John 7:20-21

demon-possessed, be (daimonizomai) John 10:19-21

denarius (dênarion) John 6:5-7

deny (arneomai) John 1:20

deny away (aparneomai) John 13:37b-38

depth (bathos) Rev 2:24 See also abyss

descend (katabainô) John 1:32-33

descendant, only (monogenês) John 1:14b-15

descent/descendant (genos) Rev 22:16 

desire (noun: epithymia) John 8:43-44

desire (verb: epithymeô) Rev 9:6

desolate (erêmos) John 1:22-25

desolate (erêmoô) Rev 17:16a

destroy: See perish 

Destroyer: See “Perdisher” 

devil: See slanderer 

diadem (diadêma) Rev 12:3

die (apothnêskô) No special study. See also decease

diminish: See lessen 

dine: See meal, take the chief 

dinner: See meal, chief 

dip (baptô) John 13:26-27

dirty (ryparos) Rev 22:11

dirty, be (rypainô) Rev 22:11

disable: See maim 

disciple (mathêtês) John 1:35-37 See also together-disciple

discipline: See educate 

dishonour (atimazô) John 8.49-50

disobey (apeitheô) John 3:36

disown: See dissociate oneself from 

dispatch away (apostellô) John 1:6-8 See also send

dispersion: See sowing, asunderspread 

dispose (pipraskô) John 12:4-5 See also sell

dispute: See combat 

distribute: See divide asunder 

district (chôra) John 4:35-36

district, little (chôrion) John 4:5-6a

divide asunder (diamerizô) John 19:23-24

divide: See också split 

division: See split 

do: See make; practise 

dog (kyôn) Rev 22:15

domestic animal: See animal, domestic 

donkey: See ass 

door (thyra) John 10:1

doorkeeper (thyrôros) John 10:2-4

double (diplous) Rev 18:6

double (verb: diploô) Rev 18:6

down (kata-, often in compound verbs) No special study.

down (katô) John 8:23-24

down from (prep w gen: kata) No special study.

downwards (kata-, some- times in compound verbs) No special study.

drag (syrô) John 21:8-9

dragon (drakôn) Rev 12:3

draw (helkô) John 6:41-44 See also ladle out

draw (helkyô) John 12:32-33

dress (stolê) Rev 6:11a

dried out (xêros) John 5:1-3(4) See also dry

drink (pinô) John 4:6b-7

drink, give to (potizô) Rev 14:8

drink down (katapinô) Rev 12:15-16

drinking (posis) John 6:51b-59

drive (elaunô) John 6:16-21 See also draw

drunk, be (methyô) Rev 17:6

drunk, make (methyskô) John 2:6-10

dry (xêrainô) John 15:4-6 See also dried out

dust: See gravel 

dwell (katoikeô) Rev 2:13a

dwelling (katoikêtêrion) Rev 18:2b See also abode

each other: See another, one 

eagerness: See zeal 

eagle (aetos) Rev 4:7

ear (ous) Rev 2:7a

ear, little (ôtarion) John 18:10-11

ear lobe (ôtion) John 18:25-27

early (prôïos/prôïa) John 21:4-7a See also morning-

early in the day (prôï) John 18:28-29a

earth (gê) No special study. See also ground

earthquake: See shaking 

earthly (epigeios) John 3:9-12

east: See upsticking 

eat (esthiô) John 4:31-34 See also breakfast; eat down

eat down (katesthiô) John 2:15b-17 See also consume; consumption

educate (paideuô) Rev 3:19a

Egypt (Aigyptos) Rev 11:8

eight (oktô) John 5:5-9a

eighth (ogdoos) Rev 17:9b-11

elder (presbyteros) Rev 4:4a

eleventh (endekatos) Rev 21:19-20

Elijah (Elias) John 1:21a

embalm (entafiazô) John 19:40

embalming (entafiasmos) John 12:7-8

emerald (smaragdos) Rev 21:19-20

encircle (kykloô) John 10:24

encourage (paramytheomai) John 11:17-20

end (teleô) John 19:28

end (telos) John 13:1

end: See also consummation 

end, come to an (teleutaô) John 11:38b-39

endurance (hypomonê) Rev 1:9ab

endure: See suffer 

enemy (echthros) Rev 11:5

enjoin (entellô, -omai) John 14:30-31

enough, be (arkeô) John 6:5-7

entirely (kata-, often in compound verbs) No special study.

Ephesos (Efesos) Rev 1:11b

Ephraim (Efraim) John 11:53-54

equal (isos) John 5:15-18

eternal: See agelong 

eternity: See age 

Euphrates, the (Eufratês) Rev 9:14

evening (opsia) John 6:16-21

ever (pôpote) John 1:18 See also age; agelong

everlasting: See agelong 

every-all (pas) No special study.

everyone (hekastos) John 6:5-7

evidence (martyria) John 1:6-8 See also testimony

evil (adj: ponêros) John 3:19-21 See also bad

evil (noun: ponêria) Rev 9:21

examine: See investigate; search out 

example: See prototype 

explain: See command out, be in 

expound: See interpret 

extremely (sfodra) Rev 16:21

exult (agalliaomai) John 5:33-35

eye (ofthalmos) John 4:35-36

eyes of, in the very (enôpion) John 20:30

eyes upon, fix one´s: See see in 

eyesalve (kollyrion) Rev 3:18bb

face (prosôpon) Rev 4:7

faith (pistis) Rev 2:13ba

faith, connected with (pistikos) John 12:1-3

faithful (pistos) John 20:26-29

faithless (apistos) John 20:26-29

fall (noun: ptôma) Rev 11:8

fall (piptô) John 1:19

fall up/lie back (anapiptô) John 6:8-13

fall upon/on/against (epipiptô) John 13:23-25

falling (ptôsis) Rev 18:9

false (pseudês) Rev 2:2bb

famine (limos) Rev 6:8bb

far (makran) John 21:8-9

farmer (geôrgos) John 15:1

fat (liparos) Rev 18:14

father (patêr) John 1:14b-15

father-in-law (pentheros) John 18:12-14

fatherland (patris) John 4:43-45

favour of, in (hyper w gen)  No special study

fear (noun: fobos) John 7:13

fear (verb: fobeomai) John 6:16-21

feast (heortê) John 2:23-25

feast of tents: See tents, pitching of 

feed (chortadsô) John 6:25-29

feel (psêlafaô) 1 John 1:1

feet, robe reaching to the (podêrês) Rev 1:13b

fellow-disciple: See together-disciple  

fellow-slave: See together-slave 

fever-fire (pyretos) John 4:51-53

few (oligos) Rev 2:14-15

few, a: See few 

fiery: See fire-coloured 

fifteen (dekapente) John 11:17-20

fifth (pemptos) Rev 6:9

fifty (pentêkonta) John 8:57

fig, late (olynthos) Rev 6:13

fig tree (sykê) John 1:48

fight (agônizomai) John 18:33-36

fill (gemizô) John 2:6-10 See also filled up; filled with; full of, be

filled up (mestos) John 19:29 See also fill, filled with; full of, be

filled with (plêrês) John 1:14b-15 See also filled up; full of, be

find (heuriskô) John 1:40-41

fine (kalos) John 2:6-10

finely (kalôs) John 4:16-18

finger (daktylos) John 20:24-25

fire (pyr) John 15:4-6

fire, colour of (pyrinos) Rev 9:17

fire-coloured (pyrros) Rev 6:4

first (prôtos) John 1:14b-15 See also early

first-born (prôtotokos) Rev 1:5a

fish (noun: ichthys) John 21:4-7a

fish (verb: halieuô) John 21:1-3

five (pente) John 4:16-18

flame (flox) Rev 1:14b

flax: See linen 

flay (derô) John 18:22-24

flee (feugô) John 6:14-15

flesh (sarx) John 1:12-13

flock (poimnê) John 10:16

flog: See flay 

flour, finest wheaten (semidalis) Rev 18:13a

flow (reô) John 7:37-38

flute player (aulêtês) Rev 18:22

fly (petomai) Rev 4:7

foal (pôlos) John 12:14-15

follow (akoloutheô) John 1:35-37

food (brôma) John 4:31-34 See also consumption; food, additional; nourishment.

food, additional (prosfagion) John 21:4-7a

foot (pous) John 11:1-2

for (gar) No special study.

for the purpose of Secondary meaning of “eis” (into)

for the sake of Secondary meaning of “epi” (on)

forehead (metôpon) Rev 7:3

forever: See age; agelong 

forgive: See let be 

form (eidos) John 5:37

formerly (proteron) John 6:60-65

fornicate (porneuô) Rev 2:14-15

fornication (porneia) John 8:41-42

fornicator (pornos) Rev 21:8 See also harlot

forty (tesserakonta) John 2:19-22

foundation (katabolê) John 17:24 See also base

four (tessares) John 11:17-20

four: See also quadrangular 

four months: See months, space of four 

fourth (tetartos) Rev 4:7

fourth day, on the (tetartaios) John 11:38b-39

fragment (klasma) John 6:8-13

frankincense: See copper from ... ; olibanum 

free (eleutheros) John 8:33-34

free, set (eleutheroô) John 8:31-32

friend (filos) John 3.27-30

friends with, be (fileô) John 5:19-21

frog (batrachos) Rev 16:13

from (apo) No special study. See also out of

from afar: See afar, from 

fruit (karpos) John 4:35-36

fruit, mellow (opôra) Rev 18:14

fulfil: See complete 

fulfil with (empimplêmi) John 6:8-13

full of, be (gemô) Rev 4:6b See also fill; filled up; filled with

furnace (kaminos) Rev 1:15a

Gabbatha (Gabbatha) John 19:12-14a

Gad (Gad) Rev 7:4-8

gainsay (antilegô) John 19:12-14a

Galilean (Galilaios) John 4:43-45

Galilee (Galilaia) John 1:43-44

garden (kêpos) John 18:1

garden-guardian (kêpouros) John 20:14-15

gardener: See garden-guardian 

garment (himation) John 13:4b-5 See also clothing; garment, outer.

garment, outer (ependytês) John 21:7b

gateway (pylon) Rev 21:12

gather in (trygaô) Rev 14:18b-19

gift (dôron) Rev 11:10b See also benefit

gild (chrysoô) Rev 17:4a

gird (oneself) (zônnymi) John 21:18-19

gird around (perizônnymi) Rev 1:13b

gird throughout (diazônnymi) John 13:4b-5

girdle (zônê) Rev 1:13b

girl: See boy or girl 

girl, little: See boy or girl, very little 

girl, young (paidiskê) John 18:17-18

give (didômi) John 1:12-13

give back (apodidômi) Rev 18:6

give on (epididômi) John 13:26-27

give to the side of (paradidômi) John 6:60-65

glass: See crystal 

gloom (noun: skotia) John 1:5 See also darkness

gloom (verb: skotizô) Rev 8:12 See also darken

glorify (doxazô) John 7:39

glory (doxa) John 1:14b-15

glow, cause to (pyroô) Rev 1:15a

go (poreuomai) John 4:49-50 See also come

go away (aperchomai) John 4:1-4

go by: See come by the side of 

go out (ekporeuomai) John 5:28-29

God (theos) No special study.

godfearing (theosebês) John 9:31-33

Gog (Gôg) Rev 20:8

gold (chrysos) Rev 9:7b

golden (chrysous) Rev 1:12

golden, make: See gild 

goldmetal (chrysion) Rev 3:18a

Golgotha (Golgotha) John 19:16b-17

good (agathos) John 1:45-46

gospel: See message, good little 

grace: See joybringing (grace) 

grapes, bunch of (botrys) Rev 14:18b-19

grape (stafylê) Rev 14:18b-19

gravel (chous) Rev 18:19a

great (megas) No special study. See also greater

great, so (têlikoutos) Rev 16:18a

great man (megistan) Rev 6:15aa

greater (meizôn) John 1:49-50

Greek/Greek woman (Hellên/Hellênis) John 7:35-36

Greek (Hellênikos) Rev 9:11

Greek, in (Hellênisti) John 19:19-22

green, light (chlôros) Rev 6:8aa

grief (penthos) Rev 18:7a See also oppression; sorrow

grieve (pentheô) Rev 18:11 See also sorrow, cause

ground, on the (chamai) John 9.6-7

grow: See increase 

growth, bodily (hêlikia) John 9:18-23

grumble (gongyzô) John 6:41-44

grumbling (gongysmos) John 7:10-12

guile: See deceit 

guilt: See cause 

habitation (oikia) John 4:51-53

Hades (hadês) Rev 1:18b

hail (chalaza) Rev 8:7a

hair (thrix) John 11:1-2

hair, of (trichinos) Rev 6:12b-13a

half (hêmisys) Rev 11:9

hallelujah (hallêlouïa) Rev 19:1

hallow: See holy, make 

hand (noun: cheir) John 3:35

hand (verb) See "go on" 

happy (makarios) John 13:16-17

hard (sklêros) John 6:60-65

hardship (ponos) Rev 16:10b

harlot (pornê) Rev 17:1b See also fornicator

harp: See zither 

harp, play the: See zither, play the 

harpist: See player on the zither 

harvest (noun: therismos) John 4:35-36

harvest (verb: therizô) John 4:35-36

hate (miseô) John 3:19-21

have (echô) No special study.

have to: See must 

head (kefalê) John 13:9-10a

heal (iaomai) John 4:46-48 See also attend

healthy (hygiês) John 5:5-9a

hear (akouô) No special study. See also hearsay

hearsay (akoê) John 12:37-38

heart (kardia) John 12:39-41

heat: See scorching 

heaven (ouranos) No special study.

heavenly (epouranios) John 3:9-12

heavy: See weighty 

Hebrew, in (Hebraïsti) John 5:1-3(4)

heel (pterna) John 13:18

height (hypsos) Rev 21:16

heighten (hypsoô) John 3:14-15

help (ôfeleô) John 6:60-65 See also succour

here (hôde) John 6:8-13

here, come (deute) John 4:27-30

(deuro) John 11:43-44

here, from (enteuthen) John 2:15b-17

herself, of (heautou) No special study.

hidden (kryptos) John 7:3-5

hide (kryptô) John 8:59

high (hypsolos) Rev 21:10-11a

high priest: See priest leader 

hill (bounos) Rev 6:14b

himself, of (heautou) No special study.

hit (patassô) Rev 11:6b See also hurt; strike

hitherward (enthade) John 4:13-15

holy (hagios) John 1:32-33 See also pious

holy, make (hagiazô) John 10:34-36

honey (meli) Rev 10:9

honour (noun: timê) John 4:43-45

honour (verb: timaô) John 5:22-24

honoured, much (polytimos) John 12:1-3

hope (noun: hope) 1 John 3:3

hope (verb: elpizô) John 5:45-47

horn (keras) Rev 5:6b

horrify: See abominate 

horror: See abomination 

horse (hippos) Rev 6:2a

horse, of a (hippikos) Rev 9:16

hosanna (hôsanna) John 12:12-13

hot: See boiling 

hour (hôra) John 1:38-39

hour, little half- (hêmiôrion) Rev 8:1

house (oikos) No special study. See also habitation

how (pôs) John 3:4-5

however (alla) No special study.

hundred, a (hekaton) John 19:39

hungry, be (peinaô) John 6:34-36

hurt (paiô) John 18:10-11 See also hit; strike

hyacinth (hyakinthos) Rev 21:19-20

hyacinth, of (hyakinthinos) Rev 9:17

hyssop (hyssôpos) John 19:29

I (egô) No special study.

I, and: See and I 

idol (eidôlon) Rev 9:20

idolater (eidôlolatrês) Rev 21:8

idols, sacrificed to (eidôlothytos) Rev 2:14-15

if (ei) No special study. See also whether

if according/‘regard is paid’ to the circumstances (ean) No special study.

ill: See weak 

illness: See weakness 

image (eikôn) Rev 13:14

immedately after Secondary meaning of “epi” (on)

in (en) No special study.

in comparison with Secondary meaning of “para” (to the side of)

in connection with Secondary meaning of “syn” (together with)

in consequence of  Secondary meaning of “ek” (out of)

in defence of Secondary meaning of “hyper” (in favour of)

in front of (emprosthen) John 1:14b-15

in order that (hoti) No special study.

in quest of Secondary meaning of “epi” (against)

in regard to Secondary meaning of “pros” (towards)

in relation to  Secondary meaning of “peri” (around)

in the power of Secondary meaning of “hypo” (underneath)

incense (thymiama) Rev 5:8b See also olibanum

incline: See lean 

increase (auxanô) John 3:27-30

indebted, be (ofelô) John 13:14-15

indecency (aschêmosynê) Rev 16:15 See also shame

indeed (men) John 7:10-12

indignant, be (embrimaomai) John 11:33-38a

inform (mênyô) John 11:55-57

inherit (klêronomeô) Rev 21:7

inheritance: See share of inheritance  

inquire (pynthanomai) John 4:51-53 See also investigate

inside (esô) John 20:26-29

inside, from (esôthen) Rev 4:8a

instead (anti) John 1:16

insult (loidoreô) John 9:28-30

interpret (hermêneuô) John 1:38-39

into (prep w acc: eis) No special study.

investigate (eraunaô/ereuneô) John 5:38-40 See also search out

inward vital part (splangchnon) 1 John 3:17

iris (iris) Rev 10:1ba

iron (sidêros) Rev 18:12b

iron, of (sidêrous) Rev 2:27(27-28a)

Isaiah (Hsaias) John 1:22-25

Iscariot (Iskariôth/Iskariotês)John 12:4-5 

island (nêsos) Rev 1:9b

Israel (Israêl) No special study.

Israelite (Israêlitês) John 1:47

Issachar (Issachar) Rev 7:4-8

itself, of (heautou) No special study.

ivory, of (elefantinos) Rev 18:12b

Jacob (Jakôb) John 4:5-6a

jasper (iaspis) Rev 4:3

Jerosolyma, (a disgraced) (H)ierosolyma John 1:19 See also Jerusalem

Jerusalem (Hierousalêm)  No special study. See also Jerosolyma, (a disgraced)

Jerosolyma, inhabitant of (a disgraced) (Hierosolymitês) John 7:25-27

Jesus (Jesus) No special study.

Jew: See Jewish 

Jewish/Jew (Ioudaios) John 1:19

Jezebel (Iezabel) Rev 2:20

John (Iôannês) No special study.

Jordan (Iordanês) John 1:28

Joseph (Iôsêf) John 1:45-46

journey: See way of journey 

joy (chara) John 3:27-30 See also gladness

joybringing (grace) (charis) John 1:14b-15

Judas (Ioudas) John 6:70-71

Judea (Ioudaia) John 4:1-4

judge (krinô) John 3:16-18

judge down (katakrinô) Rev 20:13

judgment (krisis) John 3:19-21

judicial verdict (krima) John 9:39-41

jump: See spring 

just as: See as, just 

justice, procure (ekdikeô) Rev 6:10bb

Karuoth (Karyôt) John 6:70-71

keep (têreô) John 2:6-10 See also watch

kerchief (soudarion) John 11:43-44

kernel, scarlet (kokkos) John 12:24 See also scarlet

key (kleis) Rev 1:18b

kidney (nefros) Rev 2:23ba

kill (apokteinô) John 5:15-18 Se also slay

kind, of such (toioutos) John 4:23-24

kindred: See descent 

king (basileus) No special study.

king, be (basileuô) Rev 5:10

kingdom (basileia) No special study.

kingly (basilikos) John 4:46-48

kinsman: See relative 

knock (krouô) Rev 3:20

know (oida) No special study.

knowledge of, gain/have (ginôskô) John 1:10

knowledge of, give (gnôrizô) John 15:14-15

known (gnôstos) John 18:15-16

ladle (antlêma) John 4:10b-12

ladle out (antleô) John 2:6-10

lie up/lie down to table (anakeimai) John 6:8-13

lake (limnê) Rev 19:20

lamb (amnos) John 1:29 See also ram

lame (chôlos) John 5:1-3(4)

lamp (lychnos) John 5:33-35

lampstand (lychnia) Rev 1:12

lance: See lance-head 

lance-head (longchê) John 19:33-37

language: See tongue 

language, plain (parrêsia) John 7:3-5

lantern (fanos) John 18:2-3

Laodicea (Laodikeia) John 1:11b

last (eschatos) John 6:37-40

Latin, in (Rômaisti) John 19:19-22 See also Roman

law (nomos) John 1:17

law, fundamental (dikaiôma) Rev 15:4b

lawlessness (anomia) 1 John 3:4

lay (ôdê) Rev 5:9a

lay on/upon: See put upon 

Lazarus (Lazaros) John 11:1-2

lead (agô) John 1:42 See also begin

lead away (apagô) John 19:16b-17

lead by the side of (paragô) John 9:1-2

lead together (synagô) John 4:35-36

lead out (exagô) John 10:2-4

leader (archon) John 3:1-2

leader of a thousand (men) (chiliarchos) John 18:12

leader of ‘three beds’: Se threebedleader 

leaf (fyllon) Rev 22:2b

lean (klinô) John 19:30

learn (manthanô) John 6:45-51a

leave/leave alone: See let be 

(leave entirely-kataleipô John 8:9)

Lebanon: See copper from ... 

leg (skelos) John 19:31-32

length (mêkos) Rev 21:16

leopard: See panther 

less (elassôn/elattôn) John 2:6-10

lessen (elattoô/elassoô) John 3:27-30

let be (afiêmi) John 4:1-4

letter of the alphabet (gramma) John 5:45-47

Levi (Leui) Rev 7:4-8

Levite (Leuitês) John 1:19

liar (pseustês) John 8:43-44

lie (noun: pseudos) John 8:43-44

lie (verb: keimai) John 19:29

lie (verb: pseudomai)  Rev 3:9a

lie back: See fall up 

lie down (katakeimai) John 5:1-3(4)

lie on (epikeimai) John 11:38b-39

life (zôê) John 1:4 See also subsistence

life, give: See alive, make 

lift (airô) John 1:29

lift upon/on/against (epairô) John 4:35-36 See also take together

light (fôs) John 1:4

light, bring to (fainô) John 1:5

light, give (fôtizô) John 1:9

lightning: See ray of light 

like (homoios) John 8:55-56

likeness (homoiôma) Rev 9:7a

likewise (homoiôs) John 5:19-21

linen cloth (lention) John 13:4b-5

linen garment, little (othonion) John 19:40

linen, of (linous) Rev 15:6

linen, of fine (byssinos) Rev 18:12a

lion (leôn) Rev 4:7

listening: See hearsay 

live (zaô) John 4:10b-12

livestock (thremma) John 4:10b-12 See also cattle

living being (zôon) Rev 4:6b

load (gomos) Rev 18:11

locust (akris) Rev 9:3a

long as, as: See much as, as 

longer, yet (any): See yet/still 

look at (theôreô) John 2:23-25

loosen (lyô) John 1:26-27

loosen from (apolyô) John 18:39-40

lord (kyrios) No special study.

Lord, belonging to the (kyriakos) Rev 1:10a

lot, obtain by (langchanô) John 19:23-24 lot: See also share of inheritance

love: See friends with, be; welcome 

low (mykaomai) Rev 10:3

lukewarm (chlieros) Rev 3:15b-17a

luminary (fôstêr) Rev 21:11b

lyre: See zither 

mad, be (mainomai) John 10:19-21

Magdala, from (Magdalênê) John 19:25-27

Magôg (Magog) Rev 20:8

maim (pêroô) John 12:39-41

make (poieô) No special study.

make: See also practise 

male (adjective: arsên) Rev 12:5a

male (noun: anêr) John 1:12-13

man (anthrôpos) No special study.

man-slayer (anthrôpoktonos) John 8:43-44

Manasseh (Manassês) Rev 7:4-8

manna (manna) John 6:30-33

many: See much 

many, so: See much/many, so 

many times (pollakis) John 18:2-3

many times as, as (osakis) Rev 11:6b

Martha (Martha) John 11:1-2

Mariam (Mariam) John 19:25-27

mark (charagma) Rev 13:16

Mary (Maria) John 11:1-2 See also Mariam

master (despotês) John 6:10ba

mattress (krabattos) John 5:5-9a

meal, chief (deipnon) John 11:1-3

meal, take the chief (deipneô) Rev 3:20

means of, by: See in 

measure (metreô) Rev 11:1b

measure (metron) John 3:34 See also corn-measure; measure, firkin-

measure, firkin- (metrêtês) John 2:6-10

medley (heligma) John 19:39

meet, a going to (hypantêsis) John 12:12-13

meet, (go to) (hypantaô) John 4:51-53

memorial tomb (mnêmeion) Rev 11:9

merchant: See trader 

message (angelia) 1 John 1:5

message, bring a (angellô) John 4:51-53

message, bring/give a good little (euangelizô) Rev 10:7

message, bring away a (apangellô) John 16:25

message, bring up a (anangellô) John 4:25-26

message, good little (euangelion) Rev 14:6

messenger (angelos) John 1:51b

Messiah (Messias) John 1:40-41

Michael (Michaêl) Rev 12:7-8

middle (mesos)  John 1:26-27

middle, be in the (mesoô) John 7:14-15

midheaven (mesouranêma) Rev 8:13a

midst: See middle 

mind (dianoia) 1 John 5:20 See also change one´s mind

mine: See my 

mingle: See mix 

miss (the mark of God)(verb: hamartanô) John 5:14

miss (of the mark of God) (noun: hamartia) John 1:29

misser (of the mark of God), (being) a (hamartôlos) John 9:16-17

(misses, without- anamartêtos  John 8:6b-8)

mistress (kyria) 2 John v 1

mix (mignymi) Rev 8:7a See also blend; undiluted

money-changer (kollybistês) John 2:15b-17 See also smallcoinchanger

month (mên) Rev 9:5a

months, space of four  John 4:35-36

moon (selênê) Rev 6:12b-13a

more (pleiôn/pleon) John 4:1-4/21:15

more: See also rather  

more than (plên) Rev 2:25

more than Secondary meaning of “hyper” (over)

morning- (prôïnos) Rev 2:28-29(28b-29) See also early

(morning, early-orthros John 7:53-8:2)

morsel, little (psômion) John 13:26-27

Moses (Môysês) No special study.

mother (mêtêr) No special study.

motion, quick: See storming  

mountain (oros) John 4:19-22

mourn: See cut 

mouth (stoma) John 19:29

move: See stir 

much-many (polys) No special study.

much-long-many as, as (hosos) No special study.

much/many, so (tosoutos) John 6:8-13

multitude (plêthos) John 5:1-3(4) See also crowd

murder (fonos) Rev 9:21

murderer (foneus) Rev 21:8 See also: man-slayer

murmur: See grumble 

murmuring: See grumbling 

musician (mousikos) Rev 18:22

must, one (dei) John 3:6-7

my-mine (emos) No special study.

myrrh (smyrna) John 19:39

myself (emautou) John 5:30-32

mystery (mystêrion) Rev 1:20

nail (hêlos) John 20:24-25

naked (gymnos) John 21:7b

nakedness (gymnotês) Rev 3:18ba

name (onoma) John 1:6-8

name, of good (euônymos)  Rev 10:2b

nard (nardos) John 12:1-3

Nathanael (Nathanael) John 1:45-46

nation (ethnos) John 11:47-48

nature, of what (potapos) 1 John 3:1

Nazarene: See Nazorean 

Nazareth (Nazaret) John 1:45-46

Nazoraean (Nazôraios) John 18:4-5

near (engys) John 2:13-15a

necessary: See must 

need (chreia) John 2:23-25

neighbour (plêsios) John 4:5-6a See also: neighbouring

neighbouring (geitôn) John 9:8-9 See also: neighbour

Nephthalim (Nephthalim) Rev 7:4-8

net (diktyon) John 21:4-7a

never: See ‘nor at any time’; ‘not at any time’ 

nevertheless (mentoi) John 4:27-30

new (kainos) John 13:34-35

next (eita) John 2:3-5 See also thereupon

Nicodemus (Nikodêmos) John 3:1-2

Nicodemus: See also conquest and assembly, popular 

Nicolaitan (Nikolaitês) Rev 2:6

night (nyx) John 3:1-2

ninth (enatos) Rev 21:19-20

nipple (mastos) Rev 1:13b

no one: See not anyone 

nod (neuô) John 5:9b-13

none: See not anyone 

nor (oude) No special study.

nor at any time (oudepote) John 7:45-46

nor yet (oudepô) John 19:41-42

north wind-north (borras) Rev 21:13

not (ou/mê) No special study.

not, and (mête) Rev 7:1

not, and (oute) No special study.

not, but: See but not 

not, surely (mêti) John 4:27-30

not anyone/no one (oudeis) No special study.

not anyone/no one (mêdeis) Rev 2:10aa

not at any time (mêpote) John 7:25-27

not so (oukoun) John 18:37-38

nothing: See no one 

notice: See understand 

nourish: See support 

nourishment (trofê) John 4:8 See also consumption; food

now (nyn) No special study.

now, just (arti) John 2:6-10

number (noun: arithmos) John 6:8-13

number (verb: arithmeô) Rev 7:9a See also count

o (ô) Rev 1:8a

obliged, be: See indebted, be  

obvious: See visible 

of, out: See out of 

often: See many times 

oil: See also olive-oil 

oil, ointment (myron) John 11:1-2

ointment (chrisma) 1 John 2:20 See also oil, ointment

old (palaios) 1 John 2:7

old, grow (gêraskô) John 21:18-19

old person (gerôn) John 3:4-5

olibanum (libanos) Rev 18:13a See also incense

olive-oil (elaion) Rev 6:6bb

olive-tree (elaia) Rev 11:4

omega: See o 

omen (teras) John 4:46-48

on (prep w dat: epi) No special study.

on + ... –ing – at participial construction No special study.

on the basis of Secondary meaning of ”ek” (out of)

once (poté) John 9:10-15

one (heis) No special study.

one another: See another, one 

only (monon) John 5:15-18

open (anoigô) John 1:51b

openly: See language, plain 

oppose: See gainsay 

oppression (thlipsis) John 16:21-22 Se also grief; sorrow

or (ê) No special study.

orphan, left (orfanos) John 14:18

other, each: See another, one 

other side, on the (peran) John 1:28

other, the (heteros) John 19:33-37 See also another

our (hêmeteros) 1 John 1:3

out of (prep w gen: ek) No special study. See also from

out of, from (prep w gen: pros) No special study.

outside (exô) John 9:34-37

over (prep w acc: (h)yper) No special study.

over and above (perissos) John 10:10

over and above, be (perisseuô) John 6:8-13

owing to Secondary meaning of “apo” (från)

own /ones/, the (hoi idiois) John 1:11

own /thing/, the (idios) John 1:11

own /things/, the (ta idia) John 1:11

ox: See cattle 

pains of child-birth, be in (ôdinô) Rev 12:2 See also beget; bring forth

pallet: See mattress 

palm-twig (baion) John 12:12-13

panther (pardalis) Rev 13:2

parable: See proverb 

paradise: See apprehension, place by the side of 

parent (goneus) John 9:1-2

park: See apprehension, place by the side of 

part (meros) John 13:8b

paschal lamb (pascha) John 2:13-15a

pass: See come through 

pass by: See come by the side of 

pass over: See step over 

passion (thymos) Rev 12:12b See also wrath

Passover: See paschal lamb 

pasture (nomê) John 10:7-9

Patmos (Patmos) Rev 1:9b

pavement: See stone extension 

peace (eirênê) John 14:27

peal: See thunder 

pearl (margaritês) Rev 17:4a

people (laos) John 11:49-50

perdition (apôleia) John 17:12

perfect (teleios) 1 John 4:18

perfect, make (teleioô) John 4:31-34

Pergamos (Pergamos) John 1:11b

perish (apollymi) John 3:16-18

“Perisher”/Destroyer (Apollyôn) Rev 9:11

permission, give (epitrepô) John 19:38 See also permitted, it is

permitted, it is (exesti/exestin) John 5:9b-13

perplexed, be: See puzzle, be in a 

persecute: see pursue 

persuade (peithô) 1 John 3:19

Peter (Petros) No special study.

Pharisee (farisaios) No special study.

Philadelphia (Filadelfeia) Rev 1:11b

Philip (Filippos) John 1:43-44

pierce: See stab out 

pigeon (peristera) John 1:32-33

Pilate (Pilatos) John 18:28-29a

pillar (stylos) Rev 3:12a

pious (hosios) Rev 15:4 See also holy

pitiable (eleeinos) Rev 3:17bb

place (topos) John 5:9b-13

place: See also district, little 

plainly: See language, plain 

plait (plekô) John 19:1-4

platform: See tribune 

pleasing (arestos) John 8:29-30

poison (farmakon) Rev 9:21

poisoner (farmakos) Rev 21:8

poisoning (farmakeia) Rev 18:23b

pond (kolymbêthra) John 5:1-3(4)

poor: See beggarly 

porch: See gateway 

portico (stoa) John 5:1-3(4)

possessions: Se subsistence 

potter, of a (keramikos) Rev 2:27(27-28a) See also clay

pound (litra) John 12:1-3

pour out (ekcheô) John 2:15b-17

poverty: See beggary 

power (kratos)  John 1:6b See also ability

power of, in the: See underneath 

power (over), get (krateô) John 20:21-23

practise (prassô) John 3:19-21

Praetorium (praitôrion) John 18:28-29a

praise (aineô) John 19:5

pray: See demand 

prayer (proseuchê) Rev 5:8b

preach: See proclaim 

preparation (paraskeuê) John 19:12-14a

prepare: See ready, make 

pretence (profasis) John 15:22-23

prick (nyssô) John 19:33-37

priest (hiereus) John 1:19

priest leader (archiereus) John 7:32-34

priestly office (hierateia) Upp 5:10

prison: See watch 

proclaim (kêrussô) Rev 5:2a

profitable, be: See carry together 

promise (noun: epangelia) 1 John 2:25

promise (verb: epangellomai)1 John 2:25 

property: See subsistence 

prophecy (profêteia) Rev 1:3

prophesy (profêteuô) John 11:51-52

prophet (profêtês) John 1:21b

prophet, false (pseudoprofêtês) Rev 16:13

propitiation (hilasmos) 1 John 2:2

prophetess (profêtis) Rev 2:20

prostrate oneself (proskyneô) John 4:19-22

“prostrator” (proskynêtês) John 4:23-24

prototype (hypodeigma) John 13:14-15

prove (dokimazô) 1 John 4:1 See also try

proverb (paroimia) John 10:6

puff on (emfysaô) John 20:21-23

punishing: See chastisement 

purchase: See buy 

pure (hagnos) 1 John 3:3 See also clean

purification (katharismos) John 2:6-10

purify (hagnizô) John 11:55-57 See also clean; clean, make

purple (porfyrous) John 19:1-4

purple cloth (porfyra) Rev 18:12a

purpose (gnômê) Rev 17:13-14a See also for the purpose of

purposed for Secondary meaning of “eis” (into)

pursue (diôkô) John 5:15-18

put (tithêmi) John 2:6-10

put on: See put upon 

put round about (peritithemi) John 19:29

put together (syntithêmi) John 9:18-23

put upon/on/against (epitithêmi) John 9:10-15

puzzle, be in a (aporeô) John 13:21-22

quadrangular (tetragônos) Rev 21:16

queen (basilissa) Rev 18:7b

question (eperôtaô) John 9:18-23

quick-quickly (tachys) John 11:28-31

quickly (tacheôs) John 11:28-31

quickness (tachos) Rev 1:1a

rabbi - an Aramaic word John 1:38-39

rabboni (rabbouni) John 20:16-17a

rain (hyetos) Rev 11:6a

rainbow: See iris 

raise/rise (egeirô) John 2:19-22

raise: See also heighten 

ram, little (arnion) John 21:15

rape (harpazô) John 6:14-15

rather (mallon) John 3:19-21

ray of light (astrapê) Rev 4:5a

read (anaginôskô) John 19:19-22

ready (hetoimos) John 7:6-9

ready, make (hetoimazô) John 14:1-3

really: See certainly 

reap: See harvest 

receive (dechomai) John 4:43-45

receptacle: See repository 

recollect (mnêmoneuô) John 15:20a Se also remember

reed (kalamos) Rev 11:1

refined (kompsos) John 4:51-53

reject: See adopt, not 

rejoice (chairô) John 3:27-30

relative (syngenês) John 18:25-27

release: See loosen from 

remaining: See rest, the 

remember (mimnêskô, -omai) John 2:15b-17 Se also recollect

remind (hypomimnêskô) John 14:25-26

remove See take off; take together 

renewed things, (feast of the) (engkainia) John 10:22-23

repository (thêkê) John 18:10-11

reprove: See convict 

request: See demand 

reside (diatribô) John 3:22-24

rest (anapausis) Rev 4:8b

rest, bring to (anapauô) Rev 6:11ba

rest, the (hoi loipoi) Rev 2:24

resurrection (anastasis) John 5:28-29

Reuben (Roubên)  Rev 7:4-8

reveal (apokalyptô) John 12:37-38

revelation (apokalypsis) Rev 1:1a

rib (pleura) John 19:33-37

rich (plousios) Rev 2:9a

rich, be (plouteô) Rev 3:17ba

riches (ploutos) Rev 5:12ba

right (dexios) John 18:10-11

righteous (dikaios) John 5:30-32

righteousness (dikaiosynê) John 16:8-9

rise: See raise 

rising: See upsticking 

river (potamos) John 7:37-38

river, worn a (potamoforêtos) Rev 12:15

robber (lêstês) John 10:1

robe: See feet, robe reaching to the 

rock (petra) Rev 6:15b

rock-crystal: See crystal, rock 

rocking-stone (Petros) (John 1:42)

rod (rabdos) Rev 2:27(27-28a)

roll: See wind 

Roman (Rômaios) John 11:47-48 See also Latin, in

room (for), have (chôreô) John 2:6-10

rooster (alektôr) John 13:37b-38

root (riza) Rev 5:5b

rope, little (schoinion) John 2:13-15a

rouse out of sleep (exypnizô)John 11:11-13 

rower (hypêretês) John 7:32-34 See also steersman

ruin (ftheirô) Rev 19:2a

ruin: See also perish 

ruin throughout (diaftheirô) Rev 8:9

run (trechô) John 20:1-2

run before (protrechô) John 20:3-4

sabbath (sabbaton) John 5:9b-13

sack (sakkos) Rev 6:12b-13a

sacrifice (thyô) John 10:10 See also idols, sacrificed to

sacrificial altar: See altar, sacrificial 

sad, be: See grieve; sorrow, cause 

sail: Se sea, go by 

sailor: See shipman 

Salim (Salim/Salim) John 3:22-24

salvation: See saving 

Samaria (Samareia) John 4:1-4

Samaritan (Samaritês) John 4:39-42

Samaritan woman (Samaritis) John 4:9-10a

same, all the (homôs) John 12:42-43

sanctify: See holy, make 

sanctuary (hieron) John 2:13-15a

sanctuary: See also temple 

sand (ammos) Rev 12:18(13:1)

sandal (hypodêma) John 1:26-27

sapphire (sappfiros) Rev 21:19-20

Sardis (Sardeis) Rev 3:1a

sardonyx (sardonyx) Rev 21:19-20

satan: See adversary 

satiate: See fulfil with 

save (sôzô) John 3:16-18

saving (sôtêria) John 4:19-22

saviour (sôtêr) John 4:39-42

say (legô) No special study.

say: See also speak, talk, utter 

saying (logos) No special study.

saying: See also word 

scarlet (kokkinos) Rev 17:3b See also kernel, scarlet

scatter (skorpizô) John 10:12-13

scatter asunder (diaskorpizô) John 11:51-52

scent (osmê) John 12:1-3

scorch (kaumatizô) Rev 16:8-9a

scorching heat (kauma) Rev 7:16b

scorpion (skorpios) Rev 9:3b

scourge (fragellion) John 2:13-15a See also whip

scream (noun: kraugê) Rev 21:4

scream (verb: kraugazô) John 11:43-44

(scribe-grammateus John 8:3-6a)

Scriptures: See writing 

scroll (biblion) John 20:30-31 See also book

scroll, little (biblaridion) Rev 10:2a

sea (thalassa) John 6:1-4

sea, go by (pleô) Rev 18:17

seal (noun: sfragis) Rev 5:1bb

seal (verb: sfragizô) John 3:33

seal entirely (katasfragizô) Rev 5:1bb

seal up: See seal entirely 

seaman: See shipman 

seamless: See unsewn 

search out (exetazô) John 21:12-14 See also investigate

searching (zêtêsis) John 3:25-26

seated, to be (kathêmai) John 2:13-15a (epi + gen: close to)

second-second time (deuteros-deuteron) John 3:4

secret: See hidden 

secretly (lathra) John 11:28-31

see (blepô) John 1:29

see: See also behold; look at 

see in (emblepô) John 1:35-37

see up (anablepô) John 9:10-15

seed (sperma) John 7:40-42

seek (zêteô) John 1:38-39

seem: See think 

seize (piazô) John 7:30-31 See also power (over), get

sell (pôleô) John 2:13-15a See also dispose

send (pempô) John 1:22-25 See also dispatch

separate away from (apochôrizô) Rev 6:14a

separate from (prep: chôris) John 1:3

serpent (ofis) John 3:14-15

servant (diakonos) John 2:3-5 See also rower; slave

serve (latreuô) See also service, render Rev 7:15a

service, divine (latreia) John 16:1-2

service, render (diakoneô) John 12:1-3 See also serve

set fast (stêrizô) Rev 3:2

set in (endyô) Rev 1:13b

setting-west (dysmê) Rev 21:13

seven (hepta) Rev 1:4a

seventh (hebdomos) John 4:51-53

shake (seiô) Rev 6:13b See also stir

shaking (seismos) Rev 6:12a

shame (aischynê) Rev 3:18ba Se also indecency

shame, put to (aischynô) 1 John 2:28

share of inheritance (klêros) John 19:23-24 See also inherit

sharp (oxys) Rev 1:16ab

sheath: See repository 

sheep (probaton) John 2:13-15a

sheep, connected with (probatikos) John 5:1-3(4)

shepherd (poimên) John 10:2-4

shepherd, be a (poimainô) John 21:16 See also tend

shining (lampros) Rev 15:6

shipman (nautês) Rev 18:17

shore: See beach 

short (brachys) John 6:5-7

shout (krazô) John 1:14b-15 See also cry; scream

show (deiknymi) John 2:18

show up (anadeiknymi) John 6:14-15

shroud in (entylissô) John 20:5a,7-10

shut (kleiô) John 20:19

sick: See weak 

sickle (drepanon) Rev 14:14b

side: See rib 

side of, by the (prep w dat: para) No special study.

side of, from the (prep w gen: para) No special study.

side of, to the (prep w acc: para) No special study.

sight (opsis) John 7:24 See also beholding

sign (sêmeion) John 2:11-12

sign, give a (sêmainô) John 12:32-33

silence (sigê) Rev 8:1

silk (sirikos) Rev 18:12a

Siloam (Silôam) John 9:6-7

silver (argyros) Rev 18:12a

silver, of (argyrous) Rev 9:20

Simon (Simôn) John 1:40-41

sin: See miss (the mark of God) 

sin: See miss (of the mark of God) 

since (epei) John 13:28-30

sinful: See misser (of the mark of God), (be) a 

sing (adô) Rev 5:9a

sinless: See misses, without 

sinner: See misser (of the mark of God) 

sister (adelfê) John 11:1-2

sit down, (make) (kathizô) John 12:14-15 (epi + dat: close to)

sit still (kathezomai) John 4:6b-7

six (hex) John 2:6-10

six hundred (hexakosioi) Rev 13:18b

sixth (hektos) John 4:6b-7

sixty (hexêkonta) Rev 11:3

skull (kranion) John 19:16b-17

slanderer (diabolos) John 6:70-71

slap with a cudgel (rapisma) John 18:22-24

slaughter (sfazô) Rev 5:6a

slave (doulos) John 4:51-53 See also together-slave

slave, be a (douleuvô) John 8:33-34

slay (apoktennô) Rev 6:11bb See also kill

sleep (hypnos) John 11:11-13

sleep: See also rouse from .. 

sleeping (koimêsis) John 11:11-13

small (mikros) John 7:32-34

smallcoinchanger (kermatistês) John 2:13-15a See also money-changer

smear (aleifô) John 11:1-2

smell (ozô) John 11:38b-39

smite: See hit; hurt; strike 

smoke (kapnos) Rev 8:4

snatch: See rape 

snow (chiôn) Rev 1:14a

so (oun) No special study. See also not so

so great: See great, so 

so that (hôste) John 3:16-18 See also that, in order

Sodom (Sodoma) Rev 11:8

soil (molynô) Rev 3:4a

soldier (stratiôtês) John 19:1-4 See also army

Solomon (Solomôn) John 10:22-23

some (tìs) No special study.

son (hyios) No special study.

song: See lay 

soon: Se quick/-ly 

sore (helkos) Rev 16:2

sorrow (lypê) John 16:4b-6 See also grief; oppression

sorrow, cause/be sorrowful (lypeô) John 16:20 See also grieve

sorrowful, be: See sorrow, cause 

soul (psychê) John 10:11

sound: See voice 

south wind-south (notos) Rev 21:13

south-west wind: See south wind 

sow (speirô) John 4:35-36

sowing, asunderspread (diaspora) John 7:35-36

speak (agoreuô/eipon) No special study

spice (arôma) John 19:40

spirit (pneuma) No special study.

spiritually (pneumatikôs) Rev 11:8

spit (ptyô) John 9:6-7

spittle (ptysma) John 9:6-7

split (noun: schisma) John 7.43-44

split (verb: schizô) John 19:23-24

sponge (spongos) John 19:29

spring (noun: pêgê) John 4:5-6a

spring: See also well 

spring (verb: hallomai) John 4:13-15

stab out (ekkenteô) John 19:33-37

stability (ischys) Rev 5:12bb

stable (ischyros) Rev 5:2a

stable, be (ischyô) John 21:4-7a

stadium (stadion) John 6:16-21

staff: See rod 

stain (miainô) John 18:28-29a See also soil

stand, (cause to) (histêmi) John 1:26-27

stand by the side of (paristêmi, -anô) John 18:22-24

stand round about (periistêmi) John 11:41-42

stand up, (cause to) (anistêmi) John 6:37-40

star (astêr) Rev 1:16aa

stature: See growth, bodily 

stay (menô) John 1:32-33 Se also reside

(stay on-epimenô John 8:6b-8)

steal (kleptô) John 10:10

stealing: See stolen property 

steersman (kybernêtês) Rev 18:17 See also rower

step down: See descend 

step in (embainô) John 6:16-21

step off (apobainô) John 21:8-9

step over (metabainô) John 5:22-24

step “up”: See ascend 

stick in: See enjoin 

still: See yet 

sting (kentron)  Rev 9:10

stir (kineô) Rev 2:5 See also shake

stolen property-goods (klemma) Rev 9:21

stone (noun: lithos) John 8:6b-8

stone (verb: lithazô) John 10:31-33

stone, of (lithinos) John 2:6-10

stone, voting- (psêfos) Rev 2:17b

stone extension (lithostrôton) John 19:12-14a

stop: See cease, cause to 

storming (ormêma) Rev 18:21

straight (adj. euthys) John 13:28-30

straight off (adv. euthys) John 13:28-30

straightaway (eutheôs) John 6:16-21

straighten (euthynô) John 1:22-25

(straighten oneself up: See bend up) 

street (plateia) Rev 11:8

strength: See stability 

strengthen: See set fast 

stretch out (ekteinô) John 21:18-19

strike (plêssô) Rev 8:12 See also hit; hurt

strong: See stable, (be) 

struggle: See fight 

stumble: See also cut towards 

stumble, cause to (skandalizô) John 6:60-65

stumbling block (skandalon) Rev 2:14-15

subsistence (bios) 1 John 2:16 See also life

succour (boêtheô) Rev 12:15-16

such as: See as, such 

such kind, of: See kind, of such 

suffer (paschô) Rev 2:10aa

sufficient: See enough, be 

sully: See dirty, be 

sulphur (theion) Rev 9:17

sulphurous (theiôdês) Rev 9:17

sun (hêlios) Rev 1:16b

superscription (titlos) John 19:19-22

support (trefô) Rev 12:6

suppose: See think 

swaggering (alazoneia) 1 John 2:16

swallow down: See drink down 

swear (omnyô) Rev 10:6

sweet (glykys) Rev 10:9

sword, large (romfaia) Rev 1:16ab See also dagger

Sychar (Sychar) John 4:5-6a

synagogue (synagôgê) John 6:51b-59

synagogue, led away from the (aposynagôgos) John 9:18-23

table (trapeza) John 2:15b-17

tail (oura) Rev 9:10

talk (laleô) No special study.

talking (lalia) John 8:43-44

take (lambanô) John 1:12 See also receive

“take down” (katalambanô) John 1:5

take from/by/to the side of (paralambanô) John 1:11

take hold of: See take together 

take off (afaireô) Rev 22:18-19

take together (syllambanô) John 18:12-14 See also lift; take off

talent, weighing a (talantiaios) Rev 16:21

taste (geuomai) John 2:6-10

taught (didaktos) John 6.45-51a

teach (didaskô) John 6:51b-59

teacher (didaskalos) John 1:38-39

teaching (didachê) John 7:16-17

tear (verb): See split 

teardrop (dakryon) Rev 7:17b

tears, shed (dakryô) John 11:33-38a

tempest (cheimôn) John 10:22-23

temple (naos) John 2:19-22 See also sanctuary

ten (deka) Rev 2:10ab

ten thousand, the number of (myrias) Rev 5:11b

tend (boskô) John 21:15 See also shepherd, be a

tent (skênê) Rev 13:6

tent, dwell in a (skênoô) John 1:14a

tent, pitching of (skênopêgia)John 7:1-2 

tenth (dekatos) John 1:38-39

test (peirasmos) Rev 3:10b

testimony (martyrion) Rev 15:5 See also evidence

thankful, be (eucharisteô) John 6:8-13

thankfulness (eucharistia) Rev 4:9a

that/because (hoti) No special study.

that, in order (hina) No special study.

that, so: See so that 

that one (ekeinos) No special study.

that one, and (kakeinos) John 6:51b-59

theft: See stolen property 

then (tote) John 7:10-12

there (ekei) No special study.

there: See also ‘and there’ 

there, from (ekeithen) John 4:43-45

thereupon (epeita) John 11:6-10 See also next

thief (kleptês) John 10:1

thigh (mêros) Rev 19:16

think/seem (dokeô) John 5:38-40

third-third time (tritos-triton) John 2:1-2

thirst (dipsaô) John 4:13-15

thirty (triakonta) John 5:5-9a

this (houtos) No special study.

this is what (hode) Rev 2:1

Thomas (Thômas) John 11:14-16

thong (himas) John 1:26-27

thorn (akantha) John 19:1-4

thorny (akanthinos) John 19:5

thousand, a (chilioi) Rev 11:3

thousand, the number of one Rev 5:11b

three (treis) John 2:6-10

threebedleader (architriklinos) John 2:6-10

three hundred (triakosioi) John 12:4-5

three thousand (trischilioi) John 6:8-13

three times (tris) John 13:37b-38

throne (thronos) Rev 1:4b

through (prep w gen: dia) No special study.

throughout (dia-, often in compound verbs) 

throw (ballô) John 3:22-24

throw around: See wrap up in (periballô) 

throw out (ekballô) John 2:13-15a

throw upon-on-against (epiballô) John 7:30-31

Thyatira (Thyateira) Rev 1:11b

thunder; plural: peals of (brontê) John 12:28-30

Tiberias (Tiberias) John 6:1-4

till (heôs) John 2:6-10 See also until

time, (space of) (chronos) John 5:5-9a

time, seasonable (kairos) John 7:6-9

time, period of (eniautos) John 11:49-50

time of, about the: See underneath 

titbit, little (opsarion) John 6:8-13

to: See into 

together (homou) John 4:35-36 See also with, together

together-disciple (symmathêtês) John 11:14-16

together-slave (syndoulos) Rev 6:11bb

tomb (mnêma) John 5:28-29 See also memorial tomb

tongue (glôssa) Rev 5:9bb

tooth (odous) Rev 9:8b

topaz (topazion) Rev 21:19-20

torch (lampas) John 18:2-3

torment (basanizô) Rev 9:5a

tormenting (basanismos) Rev 9:5b

torrent (cheimaros) John 18:1

touch (haptomai) John 20:16-17a

towards (prep w acc: pros) No special study.

trader (emporos) Rev 18:3b

trading-place (emporion) John 2:15b-17

translate (methermêneuô) John 1:40-41

transparent (diaugês) Rev 21:21

tread (pateô) Rev 11:2b See also walk about (peripateô)

treasury (gazofylakion) John 8:19-20

tree (dendron) Rev 7:1

tribe (fylê) Rev 1:7b

tribulation: See oppression 

tribune (bêma) John 19:12-14a

trouble (tarassô) John 5:5-9a

true (alêthinos) John 1:9

truly (alêthôs) John 1:47

trumpet (salpingx) Rev 1:10b

trumpet, sound the (salpizô) Rev 8:6

truth (alêtheia) John 1:14b-15

truth, in: See certainly 

truthful (alêthês) John 3:33

try (peirazô) John 6:5-7 See also prove

tunic (chitôn) John 19:23-24

turn (strefô) John 1:38-39

turn (oneself) next to (epistrefô) John 21:20-23

turn down (katastrefô) John 2:15b-17

turn over: See turn down 

twelfth (tolfte) Rev 21:20

twelve (dôdeka) John 6:8-13

twenty (eikosi) John 6:16-21

twig (klêma) John 15:2-3

twin: See Thomas; Twofold 

twist: See plait 

two (dyo) No special study.

two-edged: See two-mouthed 

Twofold (didymos) John 11:14-16

two-mouthed (distomos)  Rev 1:16ab

two hundred (diakosioi) John 6:5-7

type (typos) John 20:24-25

unblemished (amômos) Rev 14:5

unclean (akathartos) Rev 16:13

under (prep w dat: (h)ypo) No special study.

under the rule of Secondary meaning of “epi” (on)

underneath (prep w acc: (h)ypo) No special study.

understand (noeô) John 12:39-41

understanding (nous) Rev 13:18a See also mind

undiluted (oblandat) Rev 14:9-10a

unguent: See ointment 

unmixed: See undiluted 

unrighteous work (orättfärdig gärning) Rev 18:5

unrighteously, act/’be treated’ (adikeô) Rev 2:11

unrighteousness (adikia) John 7:18

unsewn (arafos) John 19:23-24

until (achri/achris) Rev 2:10b See also till

up (anô) John 2:6-10

upon (prep w gen: epi) No special study.

upsticking/east (anatolê) Rev 7:2

upwards (ana) John 2:6-10

usage (synêtheia) John 18:39-40 See also custom

utter (fêmi) John 1:22-25

valuable (timios) Rev 17:4a

value (timiotês) Rev 18:19b

vehemently: See extremely 

vessel (skeuos) John 19:29

view (theaomai) John 1:14b-15

village (kômê) John 7:40-42

vine (ampelos) John 15:1

vinegar: See wine, sour 

virgin (parthenos) Rev 14:4a

visible (faneros) 1 John 3:10

visible, make (faneroô) John 1:30-31 See also conspicuous, make

visibly (fanerôs) John 7:10-12

voice (fônê) John 1:22-25

voice, raise one´s John 1:48

voluptuous, be (strêniaô) Rev 18:7a

voluptuousness (strênos) Rev 18:3b

vote, put to the (psêfizô) Rev 13:18a

voting-stone: See stone, voting- 

wage (misthos) John 4:35-36

wage-earner (misthôtos) John 10:12-13

wagon (harma) Rev 9:9b See also carriage

wail (thrêneô) John 16:20

wake: See rise 

walk: See tread 

walk about (peripateô) John 1:36 See also tread

wall (teichos) Rev 21:12

want (thelô) John 1:43-44 See also wish

war (polemos) Rev 9:7a

war, wage (polemeô) Rev 2:16

warm: See boiling 

warm oneself (thermainomai)John 18:17-18 

wash (niptô) John 9:6-7

wash-basin (niptêr) John 13:4b-5

watch (noun: fylakê) John 3:22-24

watch (verb: fylassô) John 12:25 See also awake, be

water (hydôr) John 1:26-27

water-pot (hydria) John 2:6-10

way (hodos) John 1:22-25

way, in this (houtôs) No special study.

way, in what/that (hopôs) John 11:55-57

way, show the (hodêgeô) John 16:12-13a

way of journey (hodoiporia) John 4:6b-7

we (hêmeis) No special study.

weak, be (astheneô) John 4:46-48

weakness (astheneia) John 5:5-9a

wealth: See riches 

weapon (hoplon) John 18:2-3

wear (foreô) John 19:5 See also: river, worn by a

weary: See bother 

wedding banquet (gamos) John 2:1-2

weep (klaiô) John 11:28-31 See also tears, shed

weight (baros) Rev 2:24

weighty (barys) 1 John 5:3

welcome (verb: agapaô) John 3:16-18

welcome (noun: agapê) John 5:41-44

welcomed (agapêtos) 1 John 2:7

well (frear) John 4:10b-12

well: See also spring 

west: See setting 

wet, give (brechô) Rev 11:6a

what (ti) No special study.

what kind, of (poios) John 10:31-33

wheat: See bread-stuff 

wheaten flour, finest: See flour, finest wheaten 

when? (póte) John 6:25-29

when (hote) No special study.

when according to the circumstances (hotan) John 2:6-10

where? (pou) No special study.

where (hou) Rev 17:15

where: See also whereat 

where?, from (pothen) John 1:48

where, from (othen) 1 John 2:18

whereat (hopou) John 1:28

whether (poteron) John 7:16-17

which just: See who just 

whip (mastigoô) John 19:1-4

white (leukos) John 4:35-36

whiten (leukainô) Rev 7:14b

who (tís) No special study.

who just (hosper) Rev 16:6

whole (holos) No special study.

whoever (hostis) John 8:53-54

widow (chêra) Rev 18:7b

wife: See woman 

wild animal: See animal, little wild 

will (noun: thelêma) John 1:12-13

wind (noun: anemos) John 6:16-21

wind (verb: helissô) Rev 6:14a

wine (oinos) John 2:3-5

wine, sour (oxos) John 19:29

wine-press (lênos) Rev 14:18b-19

wing (pteryx) Rev 4:8a

winter: See tempest 

wipe off (ekmassô) John 11:1-2

wipe out (exaleifô) Rev 3:5b

wisdom (sofia) Rev 5:12ba

wish (önska) John 18:39-40 See also want

with, together (syn) No special study. See also company with, in

with regard to Secondary meaning of “epi” (upon)

withdraw (hypagô) John 3:8

witness (martys) Rev 1:5a

witness, be a (martyreô) John 1:6-8

within: See inside 

woe (ouai) Rev 8:13b

wolf (lykos) John 10:12-13

woman (gynê) No special study.

womb (gastêr) Rev 12:2 See also belly

wonder (thaumazô) John 3:6-7

wondrous (thaumastos) John 9:28-30

wonderment (thauma) Rev 17:6

wood (xylon) Rev 2:7b

wood, of (xylinos) Rev 9:20

wool (erion) Rev 1:14a

word (rêma) John 3:34

word: See also saying 

work (ergazomai) verb John 3:19-21

work (ergon) noun John 3:19-21

world, (inhabited) (oikoumenê) Rev 3:10b See also adornment

wormwood, little (apsinthion) Rev 8:11

worse (cheirôn) John 5:14

worthless (faulos) John 3:19-21

worthy (axios) John 1:26-27

wound: See sore 

woven (hyfantos) John 19:23-24

wrap up in (periballô) John 19:1-4 See also shroud in; throw

wrath (orgê) John 3:36 See also passion

wrathful, be (orgizomai) Rev 11:18a

wretched (talaipôros) Rev 3:17bb

write (grafô) John 1:45-46

(write down-katagrafô John 8:6a-8)

writing (grafê) John 2:19-22

year (etos) John 2:19-22

yes (nai) John 11.25-27

yesterday (echthes) John 4:51-53

yet/still; yet/any longer (eti)  John 4:35-36

yet, not (oupô) John 2:3-5

yet at any rate, and: See and yet at any rate 

yoke (zygos) Rev 6:5b

you (sing) (sy) No special study.

young (neos) John 21:18-19

younger (neôteros): See young 

your (sos) No special study.

yourself (seautou) No special study.

youth (neaniskos) 1 John 2:13

Zabulon (Zaboulôn) Rev 7:4-8

zeal (zêlos) John 2:15b-17

zealous, be (zêloô) Rev 3:19b

Zebedee (Zebedaios) John 21:1-3

Zion (Siôn) John 12:14-15

zither (kithara) Rev 5:8a

zither, play the (kitharizô) Rev 14:2

zieter, player on the (kitharôdos) Rev 14:2