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Bengt-Göran Ask, 1942-2018

Bengt-Göran Ask, devoted much of his life to studying and interpreting the Bible's texts in the light of John's scriptures, hence the name of this collection: JohnBible.

B-G Ask, educated at the universities, did not pursue an academic career. In a unique way the solid exegetical analysis of the Bible texts in original language is complemented by a variety of literary expressions often linked to the local Christian environment in which B-G Ask lived and related to.

B-G Ask felt joy at the growing number of JohnBible visitors from all over the world, a development that has been enhanced after his death. According to B-G Ask’s wish this collection will be as it was when he updated it for the very last time.

Welcome to join JohnBible, a source of joy and service to the Kingdom of God!